Tea thanks

To Vanessa, thanks for your all your help on sunday and thanks for being my best friend for all those years. You are the sister I never had.

To Sassy from Assassynation, thanks for being my rock ;-) You have done too much for us. Thanks for the lovely pictures and the even more lovely friendship.

To Hilde & Bojan AKA 'De kleine Hedonist', Thanks for letting us transform the place into Regula & Bruno- land. And thanks for your hard work on sunday. Thanks Christel and Luca.

To the two mums, Josee and Chris. Thanks for the cupcakes and the sandwiches. Extra thanks, Chris for helping us until late on sunday to make Bruno & Regula- land disappear again.

To the dad Wil, thanks for driving the lorrie around. And thanks for your nice words on our wedding day.

To Yvonne from Rye, thanks for making us feel at home in your lovely house on our wedding day. You made things extra special.

To Edward, thanks for making our lovely wedding rings.

To Glenda the registrar, thanks for your effort in making our ceremony personal and special.

To Ilse, thanks for your help with the tables and more.

To Tobias, your really are the most emotional pianist ever. Thanks for playing at our party.

To Becky from 'Consumed by cake', thanks for making our beautiful wedding cake.

To Emma from 'little bundles bunting', thanks for making bunting in such short notice.

Last but not least...
To Frank and Sassy from 'Sassy'n'Frank' , thanks for the most amazing wedding video ever!

Thanks to all, a friend in need is a friend indeed

Some guests came with donkeys, some came with swans...